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Jiuyuanxin is a professional agency specializing in legal services in the field of intellectual property. The scope of business mainly involves trademarks, copyrights and other matters. There are many existing trademark agents, specializing in domestic and international trademark, intellectual property consulting and other matters. The business covers: machinery, electronics, chemical industry, communication, biomedicine and other technical fields, all have rich agency experience and work experience, and have obvious advantages in business.


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  • address:Room 1115-2, 11th Floor, No. 8, Caihefang Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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Committed to intellectual property agency to provide a full range of solutions

Trademark business

Trademarks include words, graphics, letters, numbers, sounds, three-dimensional signs and color combinations, as well as the combination of the above elements. A registered trademark has the characteristics of exclusivity, exclusivity and uniqueness. It is monopolized by the registered trademark owner and protected by law. No enterprise or individual can use it without the permission or authorization of the registered trademark owner, otherwise it will bear tort liability.


Litigation rights protection

Litigation is a process in which an individual, enterprise or organization defending rights or an individual or organization entrusted by an individual, enterprise or organization maintains rights, recovers losses and obtains compensation through legal business processes and skills and litigation procedures


Patent business

A patent is generally a document issued by a government organ or a regional organization representing several countries according to an application. This document records the content of the invention and creation, and produces such a legal state within a certain period of time, that is, the invention and creation patented can be implemented only with the permission of the patentee. In China, patents are divided into three types: invention, utility model and design.



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Committed to intellectual property agency to provide a full range of solutions

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